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Antique Bedroom Furniture

Antique Bedroom Furniture

Design Concept

Your room is one of the best places in your home to show their antiques. While the kitchen and bathroom are wetlands and their traffic experiences significant standing room your children and pets, your room is an isolated and safe for your valuables fragile.

No need to hide their antiques in a storage unit. Furniture and collectibles are designed to be on screen, and now, mainly because they are antiques, you can enjoy even more.

What exactly is an antique? Is its team of 80’s music, an antique, because it is old, obsolete, and to some extent, charming? Most likely not. The antiques are collectibles that include a degree of craftsmanship. Examples of objects are old cars, furniture, jewelry and dolls. When it comes to your bedroom, antiques are beds, dressers, desks and chairs.

In museums, in particular, represent a piece of ancient history or characteristics.Generally, the antiques are at least 100 years old and relatively rare. They can be decorative, functional, ordinary time, or very singular. You can learn something from them, or may be just beautiful. Wherever you are, the antiques are generally useful, as there is a high demand for the small amount of products available.
Contemporary approaches

Some people confuse the term “old” with the “old” or “outdated”. While antiques are old – sometimes hundreds of years, not necessarily to get your site a sense obsolete. In fact, when decorating, you can enter your antiques in a contemporary style of your room.

Instead of using genuine antiques, you may just want to give your room a vintage look and feel. The fact is that antiques are expensive, and if you have an item that is really beautiful, you do not want to use it, especially because they can be fragile and prone to rupture. You can create an antique look and feel using items that are new.Just keep an eye on the styles and trends you want to embed.

The term “old” is rather vague, which incorporates a number of approaches and decorative trends. Refine your design strategy, focusing on a particular theme or color design. You can choose a French or Italian theme, or you may prefer to organize their environment based on a model or a particular color. The design of your environment is based on a decade or out of sight a little more ambiguous – that you, and you can take a variety of approaches at the time of its unique design.

Antique-inspired rooms are very elegant and ornate. Wallpaper and paint are welcome in this environment, such as chairs, lamps, elegant curtains and carpets.Velvet, ruffles, bright, mirrors, and matte are ideal for a room with ancient motifs.

Be careful not to overload the decor of your bedroom. Instead of accumulating the substance, the target for a comfortable balance. Incorporating various decorative elements if your room is spacious, and use less if your room is small. No need to cover your walls adorned with portraits of when you can find other methods elegantly decorated with furniture, clothing, bedding, lighting and plants. Just because you have something that does not mean you have to be on the screen.

Instead of a head lamp, consider installing a lamp to illuminate your room with refined charm. With a chandelier, the room appear vibrant flowers characteristic of the past that inspire you.

Rich, deep tones are ideal for a former dormitory inspired. For the tones of the furniture, mahogany and dark brown nose to help a sleek look and feel. Purple, pink, red, cream, dark green, gold and blue are all color options perfect for antique decor.Floral motifs and intricate patterns are two ways to synthesize the best combinations of color. In most situations, avoid bright colors unless you are able to put too much emphasis on the elements of the old design room. It should also reduce the use of white throughout the room. White should be used sparingly in any case, as part of a design.
Authentic antiques

Genuine antiques are unique and beautiful, but can be difficult to integrate into the design of your room. With age, antiques may appear worn. If you want your room to appear busy, you should take your antiques to a trusted expert they returned to a decorative quality. An old restored is more durable and more convenient than an element that is used with age.

Antique furniture such as hard every day because they are valuable and difficult to maintain. Even a small jewelry box can be thousands of dollars, and you do not want to risk the chance of theft or damage. Even if their antiques are in good condition, you can keep locked away in a warehouse. With antique furniture, even the slightest scratch can damage the value of an item.
Fake antiques

Instead of using genuine antiques, you may prefer to use items that have been developed in recent years. These items will be cheaper to buy, and its value will be lower over time, so you do not have to worry about damage or theft. If you choose an old design inspiration, be sure to choose colors like green, purple, gold, cream, or mahogany. Even a little brightness is acceptable.

From antique beds and antique-inspired, be sure to include a header with ornamental motifs, organic. They include cabinets, shelves, and decorated with similar details. If your furniture is relatively simple, too much emphasis on details and model airplanes your bedding, pillows, curtains and bedspreads.

Not all furniture must match. Because antiques are unique, autonomous elements are acceptable, as it may not be able to locate a complete set. In fact, a corresponding set can affect the authenticity of your old articles of inspiration.Anyway, you should not feel obligated to comply with specific rules. If you prefer furniture set, then get matching furniture, and if you have a separate article, to find other pieces to complete. There is no ideal way to design a room ancient inspiration.

The lighting of a room of antiques should be relatively low. If desired, in the light of a general basis, like a spider, but can also be table lamps, floor lamps, sconces y. In turn one at a time, and when you need more light, use both. Choose bulbs with a pale yellow instead of white lights that emit light with a bluish tinge.

As wallpaper options and are ideal for painting old bedroom inspired. But beware: not to cross the line of sophisticated obsolete. For a room with antique furniture, basic models and bright organic forms are ideal. Using linear models, your room may begin to appear contemporary or modern. Treat your screen like the illustrations and drawings that reflect the themes to select time favorite. Another approach to the design, you can choose the models that are attractive in the context of your room. No need to be faithful to history, especially if you have an eclectic staff.

If you choose to paint the walls, choose a rich color in dark or light. Neutral colors are ideal if you want to play it safe and if you want to avoid too much room. If you feel adventurous, paint the walls a color like pink, burgundy, lavender, gold, gray, or green.

Floors and carpets are two acceptable options for the rooms of antiques. For most rooms, curtains, carpets of light are the most aesthetically pleasing, but it can accumulate dust and dirt, causing difficulty for cleaning. You can even experiment with unique shades of light blue, purple and green as the decor of your room. If you choose hardwood floors instead, choose the color, light or dark depending on your design preferences and objectives.

by Ritika Puri

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