7 Building Materials Sourced from Nature

Building Materials Sourced Nature

Building Materials Sourced Nature

The importance of being one with nature or to return to its roots is accentuated in the world today. Pollution, toxic substances and industrial waste have made this world a dangerous place to live, although we can not change the world all for our efforts, we can still do our part to make a greener and friendly environment to live .If you are in the process of building a new home and would love to be as environmentally friendly as possible, there are great and interesting ways by which you can do. From building materials, here are seven natural wonders of building material options can be considered when setting up your home.

1. Adobe

Adobe is known as the oldest form of building materials available on earth. The mixture is formed by the dirt as the main ingredient. Amazing, but true! Adobe is formed by mixing water with adequate ground. Sometimes too many fibers are added to this to increase strength and durability. The mixture was then dried in the sun after taking on the shape required for the construction of the house. In most cases, there is a mud bricks, forming the building walls with ease. The bricks are stacked and mud mortar is used to form the wall.

2. Cob

One of the oldest forms of construction materials has been in use for centuries, is very sustainable and environmentally friendly. Cob is made of a mixture of sand, dirt and fibers such as straw. Clay is also sometimes used in place of sand. All these ingredients are well mixed with the mud very steep. Then becomes the ears. The ears can be used at the base of concrete or stone houses for rock-solid construction that are environmentally friendly and green.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is still popular for furniture making and other crafts. Bamboo is also used for the construction of flats and houses as well, because it is a very strong material. Bamboo grows quickly and is very strong too. During construction, bamboo is used in many fields, such as pins that are used for straw bale buildings, as a replacement for rebar, etc. Their strength makes them completely safe and also environmentally friendly. Bamboo houses are very attractive and can be very cool and pleasant

4. Earth
Earth is used in the construction of various types of buildings. The technique of piling the earth and its use as building materials has been, since ancient times.The sand and clay are used after being compressed in place to form a smooth flat surface. For earth construction poured, the soil is mixed with Portland cement to bind and well mixed to form concrete construction. Ordinary soil with special qualities which are used for the construction of the earth dumped.

5. Cordwood and Wood
The timber is still a common material used for the construction of buildings. But also is expensive and high maintenance and the number of trees cut to the production of wood, it was expensive for construction purposes. The wood is now used as fittings, floor and also for executives. When the use of sustainable and renewable wood is harvested, it becomes profitable. Wood is the wood we use for homes and cooking. As the cable would not be useful, using it would be very inventive.

6. Earthships and Earth bags

Earthships are very popular in New Mexico. Entire communities in parts of New Mexico Taos Earthships are made. Design is an eco friendly style solar architecture, where the main walls are made of used tires that are filled with earth.Then stacked as bricks and the inner surfaces of the tires are glued to form the walls and green recycling. Bags or sacks of sand on earth are protective barriers that are built around buildings to prevent natural disasters such as floods and severe weather conditions. Huge wall was built with sandbags to be well protected.

7. Masonry

Our ancestors used stones and bricks to build shelters that can protect against the elements and wild animals. The trend continues, if we use it for various purposes. Masonry includes materials such as stone and brick. They are used for foundations, landscaping, walls, floors, sidewalks and roads as well. Bricks and stones are very strong and can last many years without any maintenance.

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