5 Restaurants Made using Recycled Materials

Restaurants Made Recycled Materials

Restaurants Made Recycled Materials

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This is a 5 Restaurants Made using Recycled Materials. The charisma of recycling has beaten the restaurants too! It is well known that the greens are nutritious and healthy for consumption. And now, the houses of consumption become too “green”! It is a refreshing new trend and restaurants made from recycled materials are emerging all over the world. And the people were very creative in transforming recycled materials in the joints of the memorable meal. Join us to explore these five restaurants will open their mouths wide issues than food too!


1. Airplane Restaurant

Coming on the radar is a wonderful way to give a good start to your holiday in Switzerland – a dinner to runway 34. The Soviet aircraft Iluyshin IL-14 has found a perfect retreat, as it plays home to a nice dinner in Zurich, right in front of his former workplace, Zurich International Airport. The restaurant has been completely modeled for a flight-of-luxury experience. A jet bridge serves as input, menu holders are shaped tail fins and aircraft seats a few chairs are disqualified. The hangar area is the main restaurant with Mediterranean, Asian and Switzerland. The cigar room luxury hotel is located on the plane! Wingwalker bar is in a wing, while the other wing houses flyer lounge is the waiting room and a living room for large groups. The flight attendants seem to be serving in this restaurant is very affordable, with prices ranging between U.S. $ 25-100.


2. Pop Up Restaurant London

We have heard of pop up ads and pop spaces. Who would have imagined a restaurant pop up! Studio East dining room turned out to be exactly that when he disappeared as quickly as it came just three weeks after his inauguration. London pop-up experts Carmody Groarke Bistrotheque London designer had built this restaurant with materials taken from an Olympic construction site in London. Design an asteroid that came from a scaffold provided. Coffered wooden planks became the floor and walls, transparent polyethylene covering the structure has become the light of natural filter and load, while construction has doubled in lighting lamps. He served as a wonderful food for three weeks and after that, as in a dream, while the restaurant is gone and the materials were recycled all!

3. Floating restaurant

While the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a symbol of the environmental damage of plastic is clear that our planet, “Vancouver plastic chair SS ‘symbol of hope and support through the reuse of plastic. This floating restaurant moored in FalseCreek Marina Yacht Club offers a fill and complete six courses for $ 200. Cedar Recycling was done in the floating restaurant, 1,675 recycled plastic bottles keep it afloat while the plant is recycled transparent Plexiglas. Serve only sustainable fishing and locally produced materials, plastic SS seeks to raise awareness about the dangers of overfishing. raise funds for the Foundation School of fish, “floats” in the restaurant are “floating” in the culinary school graduates that develops leaders and responsible ” green. ”

4. Bloodwood Restaurant

Newtown designer, Matt Woods has shaped the Bloodwood a lot of recycled wood! This is a statement to describe a greedy timber. Look up and see the doors of all sizes, shapes, colors and contours clearly against the ceiling. Look down and see massive recycling dormant in the frames of the lower level open kitchen. Look around and you will notice that vintage chairs recovered. The restaurant’s menu satisfies the palates of its customers worldwide with Thai, Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western. This is a restaurant to share food served in large quantities and concern for the planet it represents.

5. Slowpoke Espresso Cafe

The Espresso Slowpoke can be a wonderful way to spend a lazy holiday in a warm, if you happen to be in Melbourne, Australia. The unique aspect of this family restaurant is that it is built entirely from reclaimed and recycled materials.Door recycling scrap wood that adorn the walls and doors, Loos, and roof signs are recycled doors! Discounts on the wall often doubling on the shelves of condiments and all the furniture and the table are the local flea markets. Even the menu cards and restaurant business are made from recycled cardboard and poster-shop window lights up with solar energy. Add the charm of the restaurant is a lot of organic food and coffee.

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Restaurants Made Recycled Materials

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