25 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10

25 christmas gift ideas

25 christmas gift ideas

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Since the year 2000, my three best friends and I made Christmas a girl and a gift exchange with a budget of $ 10. In almost a decade to U.S. $ 10 Christmas gifts, we found some really great thoughts to share with you!

1. Subscription to the journal. This gift has been anything in our group because we are all in love with magazines. Most magazine subscriptions are under $ 10 and during the holidays, which offer even better deals. Wrap the latest issue of the journal and attach a small card that says you have signed up for a subscription! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. (This year, I went through Ebates and purchased through Ebates Magazines.com $ 5 off coupon code + 26% cash back. From Magazines.com was about 8 subscriptions, I paid almost nothing for them! )

2. Make a pie in a jar. These are stellar. You want to do a lot of them.

3. Now you can send up to 40 friends a free $10 giftcard to restaurant.com food in its promotion of special favors! You can do every day through December 25.

4. The coupon organizer full of coupons. Do you have a friend who, as I obsessively clip coupons? If so, ask your friends and family if you can have your unused coupons from the newspaper on Sunday. Buy or make a cute coupon organizer and fill it with coupons. That’s less than $ 10 for you, but much, much more gentle with his friend coupon.

5. Journal & pen to the writer or the contents of the list in your life. A journal with a lock and key is very good for the interpolation of the girls.

6. A bottle of cider or apple flavor. Here in the south, we have this thing called Savannah Cinnamon Mix. I give this as a hostess gift for any Christmas party we attended. It’s less than a bottle of wine, is unbelievable.

7. Gardening gloves with seed packets for nature lovers in your life.

8. A bag of coffee + a nice cup of coffee for coffee lovers in your life.

9. Gift cards for digital photos. This is a great gift for scrapbookers that do not print at home!

10. Popcarn basket with microwave, two bottles of Coke and a gift card video rental $ 5. Someone gave us a basket of the night like this when we married and loved it!

11. Tickets for a local event. Choose something you like the gift recipient: baseball tickets for sports fans, tickets for the show for lovers of handicrafts handicrafts, etc.

12. Make your own candles. The girls and I made use of cups of tea crop up in a thrift store.

13. A mix CD. I am one of those for my father every year. It is starting to like Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers. I’m kidding. I do not listen to the Jonas Brothers. Amazon now offers 25 days of free Christmas music, you can download free music. They also have a lot of random MP3 U.S. $ 100 $5 albums (my recommendations for the $5 albums are Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars and the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. You know you want that.)

14. A family cookbook. Ask family members to submit their favorite recipes and type them and link them. Unfortunately, I’m still a terrible cook. Furthermore, only two recipes I have people ask me and I stole one of them from Becky Higgins. Maybe only I can send a family cookbook. You probably already decorated very cute.

15. A paperback book + mini lamp of person who likes to read.

16. A set of pre-made cards for all occasions. Use your scrapbooking supplies to make a series of gifts! Take a package of Avery labels and create a set of labels with the recipients of the return address information. Package labels and address cards together!

17. Cook things! Many boxes are nice this time of year and if you have some cooking skills, you can fill with candy! All I have wanted more every year, my aunt Pam home after dinner mints. They are amazing. I collect those silly good in the spring.

18. Make a windchime out of old silverware sets.

19. Reusable shopping bags. They are beautiful, environmentally friendly, useful and affordable. A package or two with a gift card for $ 5 at the store!

20. Coloring books and crayons. Hands down one of the favorites among children.

21. A calendar + schedule a series of stickers. I created this collection of cute stickers calendar can be printed on a sheet of Avery labels. This makes it easy to keep track of bills, holidays, activities and more! Just package them up with the calendar of your choice. (The two best deals on calendars right now are the free customizable wall photo calendar from Vista Print and the Buy One Get Two Free photo calendars from Snapfish)

22. Card games. One maid, Go Fish, etc. are generally less than five dollars and make excellent gifts for children.

23. Gift Cards eBooks. If you know someone has a Kindle or a Nook gift card for your e-reader to make super gifts. If someone is even better.

24. Make a flowered fabric throw pillow.

25. Time. Spending time with loved ones is the best gift we could have. Seriously, I have not seen home alone? Or, you know, almost any other Christmas movie ever made? That’s about the premise of each of them. Give a spin to see some Christmas lights, is involved in a center of the city on foot or drinking hot chocolate by the fire and remember last Christmas together. Sometimes the gift of time makes it more joyful for the present of all.

*some but not all links include affiliates. Y’all reading this blog is a Christmas gift for me  🙂

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