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10 ways to choose color scheme

how to choose color schemes for the interior of your house

Wondering how to choose colors? Well, it can be fun, but tiring, because there are so many colors and combinations of all. Try to look around and think about things you’ve always wanted as vases, cushions and other interior fittings that have patterns and pleasant colors. This will make it easier for you in the huge number of color combinations and help you choose colors that you really like.

how to choose color schemes for the interior of your house
how to choose color schemes for the interior of your house
  1. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about color is your favorite color. That pleases the eye, warms the heart and in combination with neutral colors or praise can make a great color palette.
  2. It is easier to choose colors, if you plan a design theme, such as the forest or the beach. Add bold accents to match your color scheme is going to design a deep and brilliant.
  3. Choose the classic colors you just can not go wrong. White and black, which can be easily supplemented with red accents, if you want to clarify that the white and black combination. Blue and yellow can be filled with white and neutral tones. These security systems, however, can be animated with a bold accent a few.
  4. Another way to choose the colors will look carpets or curtains. If your carpet or shades of color patterns, you can choose different colors that work well together. Using different textures in the scene will be the color dimensions.
  5. They derive their color scheme of the painting. So not only can have a list to apply colors, but also a work of art correspondent for wall decoration. However, the use of lighter shades of the walls to prevent the paint is lost in the background.
  6. Does collectibles and accessories inside your home, we never get rid of? Based on the color of your color palette will solve two problems choosing a color scheme and the integration of old into the new design.
  7. Draw the color scheme of the fabrics of the clothes are made. The color scheme of your favorite clothes color that blends together can make a great color palette for your room.
  8. Establish a certain mood. The mood or atmosphere of your room will depend on the color scheme you choose. If the colors are mostly muted and toned down the atmosphere is calm and comfortable. If the colors are bright and bold mood is full of energy.
  9. Look around you. The patterns of wallpaper and furniture can be an ideal base for your color palette to come. While the decor of the room with the colors of the wallpaper and the furniture is the rest of the design of silence and focus on the plain furniture in bold pattern or wallpaper.
  10. Finally, you can open an interior design magazine or website and are ready to choose the colors that you like and create your design around the colors and shades.

No matter how you choose the colors should harmonize with the texture of your furniture, accessories and other decorative elements.

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