10 Gallery of Multipurpose Skyscrapers With Green Attributes

This is a Ten Gallery of Multipurpose Skyscrapers With Green Attributes. The skyscrapers are huge cuts monoliths figures through the horizons which were symbols of the prosperity of a city, the wealth and architectural genius of creation.Now, a few days, some skyscrapers are risk-taking in another symbolic: a green.In today’s world inventions with the environment are in high demand, therefore environmentally friendly buildings. Here are ten of these skyscrapers versatile with green attributes, take a look:

multipurpose skyscrapers

multipurpose skyscrapers

1. Fusionopolis – A truly green skyscrapers

Fusionopolis is one of the largest green skyscraper in Singapore. The designer, a Malay born and UK based on the idea was Ken Yeang to design a landmark building to promote the culture go green in the busy streets of Singapore.Ecological infrastructure of the building has a vertical column of planting that rises from the side of this 25-story structure. Each floor of the building is decorated with garden terraces. The building is constructed as such that the natural light is directed into the building through prisms that push the light incident on them. Its irrigation and drainage are also incorporated green elements.


2. Hyper-Tower multi-purpose skyscrapers

Considering the issue of lack of space on the ground, the green idea of the skyscraper is certainly a charming faith. This design is a new skyscraper in Paris, which is a perfect blend of beauty, extraordinary design and sustainability. Known as Hyper-tower, this skyscraper has two adjacent towers for a green park vertically, starting from the bottom of the structure and moves towards the ceiling.

The French architect Francois Jaubert proposed the design of Hyper-Tour. This is a mixed-use development including residential and sports facilities at higher levels, while the shopping and entertainment in the early stages. Each floor has terraces, so that the interior spaces to expand into the green space. This magnificent building green is becoming a benchmark for the Paris potential.


3. Burj Al-Taqa: self-sufficient skyscrapers

This is a concept of eco-skyscraper submitted by a German architect Gerber Architekten, which combines traditional techniques of building ventilation and the ability to produce 100% of its energy needs using wind power and solar. This energy Burj Al Taqa say it is likely to be found in Dubai.

The concept of construction is designed so as to meet the Middle East, incorporating traditional techniques of natural ventilation, as used in the historic wind towers of traditional Arab architecture. In a region with temperatures as high as 50 ° C, wind towers are used to transform the hot wind on a cool breeze inside.Visit this energy reflects these principles to the structure of a 60-story high façade with a double layer that provides adequate thermal elevation that eliminates the need for mechanical ventilation.


4. Multipurpose Skyscrapers: The Dynamic Tower (Rotating Tower)

Tall buildings are a rare and common in today’s world, but have never seen a building that is in motion that can actually change shape? It sounds incredible, however, Dr. David Fisher has made this possible. The visionary architect David Fisher is the creator of the world’s first building in motion, the revolutionary Dynamic Tower will be resolved in the sun, wind, weather and views by rotating each floor separately. This building can never appear exactly the same thing twice. Is not it amazing that you can have the choice of waking up at dawn to his room and enjoy the sunsets over the ocean for dinner.

Furthermore, it will produce energy and other buildings, as it has turbines installed between each floor of rotation. This 80-story building will have a maximum of 79 wind turbines, making it a true green power plant. Foot Dynamic Tower in Dubai will have 1380 apartments ranging in size from 1,330 square feet to 12.900 square feet, including villas of a parking space inside the apartment. Shall consist of offices, residential apartments, a luxury hotel and 10 upper floors will be luxury villas located in a prime location in Dubai.


5. H3AR Proposes Multipurpose ‘Watertower’ Skyscrapers for Sudan

It was political instability in Sudan for decades due to the scarcity of water and land. But the recent discovery of the tenth largest underground lake in the world by scientists at Boston University may terminate this conflict if the lake is managed properly. The designers of the Polish firm H3AR architect and design a skyscraper that is proposed Watertower versatile access to groundwater using pumps.

The tower is built from natural materials, such as sun-baked bricks and a mixture of raw land, water and cement. The building provides space for a water treatment plant, a school, a hospital and a health food store. Two processes of water flow would be in place, first we will extract the water to heat and cool the building will also be accessible to users and use the second set of water extracted for cooking and construction of toilets.


6. Multipurpose Skyscrapers: Qatar cacti biomimicry

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture (MMAA) in Qatar is a new office building that resembles a giant cactus. Designed by Aesthetics Architects in Bangkok, the modern office and botanical dome take cues next cactus and also how to successfully survive in hot and dry.

Qatar is fairly barren and receives an average annual rainfall of 3.2 inches. The building has been designed taking into account the peak of the energy efficiency of windows to be opened or closed depending on the temperature. The dome at the base of the tower houses a botanical garden which could include an edible garden and use plants to clean waste water.


7. Multipurpose Skyscrapers: Rodovre Tower

Rødovre, an independent municipality of Denmark have announced their new skyscrapers Rødovre. This is a 116 meter tower offering apartments, offices, shops, a hotel with a public park and a plaza. The design of contemporary architects is based on a few pixels or flexible grid boxes of 646 square meters each, arranged around the central core of the building.

The building has several sustainable features, such as a greywater circuit, use 40% recycled concrete in the foundation, and devices for energy production in the facade. Danish environmental standards and will implement green technologies to meet these standards. At the bottom of the towers is thin to make way for the retail space and restaurants. The upper parts of the building include residential units, projects in the north to create open spaces for gardens of heaven. The top of the building is maintained to the hotel where guests can enjoy the view from the center of Copenhagen. As the building is constructed in pixels, can be modified to meet the market and economic realities.


8. Multipurpose Skyscrapers: Perkins Eastman

Perkins Eastman and eco-tourism that green horizon of the congested city like Mumbai, India. The 33-story skyscraper of 108,000 square meters, will have a double story retail base with two mid-rise buildings, each covering 66,700 meters square.

The building is said to be generating systems using renewable electricity, harness rainwater and keep buildings clean air, with abundant façade plantings. The architecture also incorporates technologies such as solar chimneys and intelligent façade designs to maximize daylight.


9. Multipurpose Skyscrapers: Chinatrust Bank complex

Designed by the Los Angeles office of NBBJ, with the help of the local firm Fei Cheng Associates, the Chinatrust Bank complex includes a headquarters building of 30 floors, 21-story commercial office building, 10 floors of the hotel and four-level mall. Green features include intricate designs that take advantage of natural features, climate and maximize the potential of passive solar energy. There are gardens of green roofs to reduce stormwater runoff and the effect of urban heat island.

The facades of the complex of office towers will be equipped with chip technology in combination with narrow walls floors, floor to ceiling glass and automatic sensors and maximize natural light inside. The complex includes a combination of sustainable design features to reduce energy consumption. The project is under construction and will be completed in 2012.


10. MW Dubai Multipurpose Skyscrapers

The tower is a 10 MW power production machinery skyscrapers green and renewable energy crops and solar wind. Is about 5 MW wind turbines games are in the building that operates the wind, while solar energy is achieved with a concentration of 3 MW solar system, a system of more than 2 MW updraft.Designed by the impact study based on the UAE, this 50-story skyscraper will be held 10 times more energy than it needs, so that the pumping of renewable energy back into the grid of Dubai.

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