10 Creative and Unique Modern Coffee Tables

Coolest Coffee Table Also Interior Home Coffee Table

Coolest Coffee Table Also Interior Home Coffee Table

modernholic facility where information on all the needs of home and inspiration on house construction. This is a 10 Creative and Unique Modern Coffee Tables. If you prefer style over function or vice versa, there is a coffee table is an out-of-the-box design of the coffee table out there willing to replace the old, located in the center of your boring room be. In the tables below are some of the banquet tables of the position in the market or creative and unique production.

10 Creative and Unique Modern Coffee Tables

Touch LED Coffee Table

A series of infrared sensors that lies beneath the surface of this coffee table can make sense if the objects are at or near the surface and causes the corresponding LED in an array of LEDs. The LED array can be disabled if necessary.

Aqua Square Aquarium Coffee Table

Aqua square table, “combines the role of innovation”, adding a 25 gallon aquarium to your coffee table, otherwise boring.

Sony Fusion Coffee Table

This elegant coffee table concept does more than just sitting in his living room. At the touch of a button, elegant pieces to reveal a Sony laptop with a touchscreen keyboard fire.

Sancal Ellipse Coffee Table

Designed by Rafael Garcia Sancal company Spanish furniture design, this elegant coffee table features a cardboard cover and bottom are held together by an enameled steel to the top gives the illusion of being suspended in the air.

Table Rocks

A perfect choice for rock music lovers, this coffee table is elegant guitar is one of the many stones on the issue of bathroom furniture and accessories rocket.

Spiral coffee table

The glass surface of this spiral coffee table unusual appeal, is easy on the eyes.

Fiocco coffee table glass

Combining functionality and style with a curved piece of Italian glass, glass Fiocco table is an excellent choice for any room. Curves in glass holders serve as magazines.

Tonelli Dekon two coffee tables

Designed by Karim Rashid and made by Tonelli, this elegant glass coffee table is made of fused glass slides using a special process at different angles to make it look like a jewel.

World Glass Table

Simple but unique table Cattelan Italia Glass Globe Café includes a glass top with rounded edges and a steel base.

Kat Glass table design center

Another coffee table stylish design by Karim Rashid for Tonelli, art glass coffee table consists of three layers of irregularly shaped glass – a mixture of clear and tinted cream – a bit biased the other.

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Coolest Coffee Table Also Interior Home Coffee Table

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